I have beheld beauty in many forms before

In ways that have left me in wonder and gazing in awe.

I have found myself staring at trees in the dead of winter and still be baffled far more than in the bloom of spring.

In fact, I have come to realize that there is a certain shade of beauty that comes with the greys, yellows, oranges and browns of the winter

There is an astonishing beauty that is beheld in the image of the skeleton of a winter tree as it sheds what was of the past season.

There is a beauty about these stalk trees that elicit a sudden awareness of my beauty during my winter

That even though my green has faded and all that most could behold is the bleach brown of my bark and leaves

I came to see the beauty in the transition from the old to the new

I came to see the beauty of who I truly am right at the core when the temporary decorations of leaves and flowers have withered and left me bare

I still bear life and an unimaginable beauty even when I have failed to bear fruit or blossom

I still stand strong

I still glow with a certain brilliance that could stop a man dead in his tracks

If he but dared looked my way.

And at that awareness, I have found a new love

I have found a true love

I have found Me…

In the Brilliance of Winter