The day has finally arrived – is live!🥳 It’s been one hell of a year but we’ve finally given life to our online platform and we’d like to welcome you to our space that’s dedicated to our love for storytelling.

As is tradition, the theme of our first post is to introduce ourselves, share some insights on our journey, and the vision for the platform. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with our story.

Thato (Thadowww)

One-half of the Soul Seekers. I question a lot of things & I Google a lot – is it hunger for knowledge or a journey of self-discovery? I’m not quite sure yet, but I’m probably gonna Google the answer to that.😅

I am passionate about photography – both film and digital. My photography journey began in 2012, the first camera I ever owned was a Canon EOS 1100D. My journey in film photography began in January 2019, I was influenced by one of my favorite YouTubers, KingJvpes#minoltagang!

I’m an enthusiast of creative writing and visual storytelling.

I’m a UX Designer by profession, a creative by nature, a geek at heart, and an advocate of peace.

Lethabo (NJ)

The other half of the Soul Seekers. A huge believer in Magic. A novice at almost everything you can think of but here we are! My creativity feeds off of emotions… Barely anything else! Nine to fiver during my not so magical times. A seeker of meaning in everything remotely carbon-based. I love taking pictures of nature and writing about the human experience.

Started photography in 2019 as I followed Thato around at every event we went to and he seemed to capture people in their magic states. I specialise in film photography and selfies… We all start somewhere.

My point here is that, Unicorns are real and sometimes come in the form of a dreadlocked short person behind a camera with a pen in hand.

Our Journey

Where do we even begin!? We’ve been close friends for about 14 years now and we’ve always had similar interests and hobbies – particularly in photography, creative writing, and storytelling.

Our initial journey began in 2012 with our Blogspot site titled What Matters, which we kept active until mid-2016. We went on a creative hiatus for about 3 years until March 2019, which is when we started our Film My Soul Instagram page where we posted most of our film scans. As the months went by, we thought of forming a community of fellow photographers and storytellers with the intent to share knowledge amongst each other so, in October 2020, we hosted our first photowalk in Melville – it was pretty awesome. In November 2020 we hosted our 2nd photowalk in Sandton, which had a bigger turnout than the previous month.

We quickly realised that the potential we had to build a community of story tellers was much bigger than we thought and after some considerate brainstorming and introspection, we decided to take everything we’ve learned (as far back as 2012) to create an online platform with a purpose for sharing tales This is where we are today – Film My Soul is a community of Soul Seekers with a story to tell and this is our medium for sharing these stories.

A few snaps from our photowalks (2019)

The vision for Film My Soul

We’re quite certain that most of us have heard phrases like “Don’t worry about the future because tomorrow isn’t promised” and “live for today”, which are valid points, but not always practical because in some instances you have to plan for the future in advance which can spark some involuntary anxiety and panic.

We do have big plans for the future of Film My Soul that we’d rather keep secret for now 🤫. We’re still in the very early phase of our journey and as with everything in life, you have to keep moving forward  to grow and learn.

We are excited for all the stories we are yet to share, all the creatives we are yet to work with and all the ideas we are yet to give birth to.

The journey of creative Soul-Seeking Nomads known no end.

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Soul Seekers with a story to tell.