About Robyn

I consult for a tech company, I do social media marketing for a few small businesses, I have a vegan foodie blog and I recently started an online store.

About Vegan Things

Vegan Things is an online store selling plant-based food products. We have a strong focus and passion for small local businesses and growing the vegan community!

The idea came about from my blog – I blog about vegan foodie places and where to find cool products and realised that although the vegan movement is growing in Joburg, you’ve got to shop around to get everything you need/ want.

Thus: Vegan Things, our online store where you can find all your plant-based foodie things in one place! We currently deliver only in Gauteng but will expand to other regions soon.

My story

I am passionate about sharing my love for plant-based food and showing everyone how delicious and accessible it is to eat more consciously.

I also love connecting people – I’ve met so many interesting people through my blog that have amazing products and it’s so great to be able to shine a light on them and expand our community.

That’s what’s driving me currently! I’m loving it!

Joie de vivre - the enjoyment of life

Robyn Horwitz

A tale that set your sale ablaze?

Watch this space 🤷🏻‍♀️

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