Meet Rabatho

I am a Digital Art Director at an advertising agency, Creative Consult for my business (Voice) and, I am a visual artist.

What I'm working on at the moment

Currently, I am working on a social media campaign with an educational institution, using Illustration as the medium to communicate an intended message.

On the lighter side of things, I am venturing into an online store for my art and creative collateral. I am producing my art for sale and hoping to create more engaging experiences in the real world.

My story

I’m an initiative-creator and thinker, who’s progressively minded and I always have a desire to tell my story and hopefully the story of others through my work.

I am inspired by storytelling as a whole. For me, art is the fire at the camp that we all gather around for and interact with each other under one common narrative.I am passionate about creating what you would like to see in the world. We all wish that something existed that would make the world a better place, making more of that is what drives me.

My desire is to become the most that one can become. The most referring to self, being able to reach my goals creatively, and living my highest truth through what I love to do.

Self-love is the best love

Rabatho Laka

A recent experience that I cherish

It has to be an international publication feature for Quarantine Zine. I was selected amongst several other creative individuals from my continent and my country. It was great because my work spoke directly to my nation and our story and to be recognised from that point of view was pleasing to me.

And lastly, my source of inspiration

The power for people to take the initiative on how they want to exist in the world. We are a progressive society, so it’s important to not lose yourself in the gold rush of life but to stay rooted in your core being and manifesting your life through your individuality.

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