Meet Katlego, a Visual Disciplinary artist.

My story

I want to freaken make it! I wanna be so within – to a point where I’ll be brushing my edges with an electric toothbrush, that kinda good. Lol, I’m kidding. I am inspired by my daily life, my surroundings and my journey. I am a very reserved, shy person. 

I used to keep all my creations to myself but that has changed and I believe that I’ve outgrown that phase. I’m stripping down by the day and for some reason, that has encouraged me to not stop creating because clearly the world deserves my brains. 😉

What I'm currently working on

I have just done collaborative work with Mr Price for t-shirts to help raise funds for the COVID-19 foundation. I am also working on my brand for apparel and homeware.

Just wing it, make those mistakes, take the crits with a pinch of salt till you get it right. You will know when it's the right time.

Katlego Mamabolo

An experience I will cherish

My latest radio interview, I think the fact that I actually agreed to do it was huge. My shy bum fought a fight. I was terrified but I was so proud that I did it and my family was over the moon. I cracked the damn shell. 😁

My recent projects are special, the feedback is overwhelming so that’s always my motivation to say “hey, you’ve got this!” 

I will never forget it and also, shout out to the lockdown (not the damn pandemic) because, without it,  I wouldn’t have started.

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Personal Instagram: @she_eyedah

Art: @shelovesherart

Photography: @she_the_fotographer

Twitter: @she_eyedah